Maranatha Missions Food Drive

by Jonathan Cruse June 6, 2014

Summer is almost here and that means Maranatha Missions will soon be kicking into full gear.  This year we have over 80 students and leaders helping facilitate seven weeks of missions, six of those weeks at three different bible camps for over 300 Philly kids.  Could you keep all of that straight?  Basically, what you should come away with is that this summer God is using the youth of Tenth church in big ways for His glory! Amen? Amen.

However, let us not overlook another important takeaway—we have a lot of mouths to feed this summer!  (80 mouths x 3 meals a day x 5 days a week x 7 weeks = plenty of food)  Since it doesn’t look like we will have an infinite store of five loaves and two fish, we could really use your help in feeding us this summer. If you are able, please consider preparing a dinner one of the nights this summer.  If cooking is not your strong suit, don’t bother starting to learn now because you could simply drop off snacks, cereals, milk—really anything. You’ve seen teens eat, right?

For the remaining Sundays in June, we will have a table set up in Reception Hall after each morning service where you can sign up to provide a meal.  Closer to the start of missions, we will be taking donations for things like bread, lunch meats, cheese, etc.  If you have an interest or any questions, please contact Susana Hormann ( or myself (, or better yet, come see us this Sunday in Reception Hall!

We have to recognize that we are particularly blessed by God to be able to run these missions trips.  Few churches have a youth group large enough to pull off such a daunting task.  Few churches have such a wide vision for missions (both local and abroad) to support a program like this year after year.  Few churches have the benefit of being in a city center location where there are so many rich opportunities for evangelism.  God has already done so many wonderful things to prepare our teams this summer for an amazing experience.  We ask that you would prayerfully consider supporting His work by filling our bellies in the weeks ahead.

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