A New Direction for Mission Partner Glenn McDowell

by October 20, 2016


Over the past couple of years, more of my spiritual energy has been invested in a stronger witness for Jesus through greater oneness in the body in Philadelphia. Now an event has taken place that is causing me to clearly shift my ministry focus.

Recently, twenty-six key Philadelphia Christian leaders met to form a steering committee to advance a gospel movement through greater oneness among God’s people.  The committee, called the Servant Team, was formed.  It has a broad representation of the Church in Philly:  African American, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian; older spiritual fathers and bishops, younger upcoming millennial leaders; leaders from among pastors, ministries, government, academics, the arts; pentecostal, and evangelical. 

It was clearly a movement of the Holy Spirit bringing these leaders together in one place, and a miracle that all these key people are now willing to serve together!  I see this as a clear answer to your prayers.  Thank you!

Surprisingly, when the Servant Team chose someone to chair the team, I was chosen.  I do not feel qualified by gifting, experience, or godly character.  I feel overwhelmed and inadequate.  So I am writing to you to ask for prayer for a fresh empowerment by the Holy Spirit to lead the Servant Team.  Would you be willing to pause from reading and pray for me?

I will continue to coach and disciple some pastors who are planting churches.  But my main focus will be advancing a gospel movement in Greater Philadelphia through oneness in the body.  In the coming months I will seek to lead the Servant Team in getting to know and love one another, modeling this for the Church.  And we will seek the Lord’s direction for the next steps for greater oneness that will bless the city of Philadelphia.

A step in this direction is learning from gospel movements in other global cities.  About a hundred Philadelphia leaders are participating in Movement Day Global Cities in NYC, Oct 25 to 27.


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