Proverbs 11:8

The righteous is delivered from trouble,
and the wicked walks into it instead.

The wicked does not read warning labels. He ignores danger signs. He doesn’t look both ways when crossing the street and prefers to take shortcuts through alleys and dark parks. He does not think wisely about danger, not so much thinking that he will be safe, but not thinking about the subject at all. He just acts, doing whatever pops in his mind.
There is also the person who is attracted to trouble like a moth to a light. He does like to court danger; it is thrilling to him. He will test the limits and likes getting away with doing something forbidden or at least coming close.

And there is the person who wants to “experience” what others are doing, afraid that he is missing out on something good. So he will check out the parties, the late-night excursions, etc, “just to see” what’s going on, thinking that he is wise enough, strong enough to resist temptation.

There is the person who exposes himself to temptation – the man who walks by the pornographic store, the wife who keeps running into the understanding male friend, and so on. We walk near trouble, telling ourselves we know when to step back, but all along we are really walking straight into trouble.

Pray to Christ to deliver you from your temptations. Read his Word for wisdom and for the promises of deliverance. Seek the help of Christian friends. Do what you need to do for deliverance; otherwise, you are walking into trouble.

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