Proverbs 14:24

The crown of the wise is their wealth,
but the folly of fools brings folly.

Wisdom often leads to literal financial wealth, for though the wise do not prize wealth, they nevertheless prize the behavior that is conducive to building wealth. They are not spendthrifts, wasting money on what is trivial, vain, and of low quality.
They set money aside, saving it for lean days, which rarely come, or at least to their standards rarely exist. Thus the money accumulates, and because of wise prudence is placed where it can accumulate with interest. The wise do not enter into foolish ventures. Though they may be generous, they do not co-sign notes or loan money easily, knowing the risk for them and the borrowers. They only spend what they have and avoid debt.

Because the wise are discerning of the character of other people, they know whom to trust and whom not. They cannot be scammed. Because the wise treat others with dignity and with wisdom, they earn the trust and respect of their neighbors, and so themselves are often given “breaks,” receiving discounts, favors, and better quality service and products. Because the wise value wisdom above all else, they often receive wealth and other rewards through their wisdom.

Finally, as God rewarded Solomon with great wealth because he desired wisdom, so God will often bless his people who desire him above all else. The wise believer who desires to glorify God will often find many rewards not sought or expected. It is true that the faithful follower of Christ should expect persecution and sacrifice; but it is all the more true of the faithful follower that he will have the eyes to see the great riches of his inheritance.

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