Proverbs 14:12

There is a way that seems right to a man,
but its end is the way to death.

This proverb makes two matter-of-fact statements that, depending on who we are, we tend to ignore. One is that the man of the world lives the way he does because it seems right to him. We Christians seem to forget this.
We get angry with nonChristians who live what we consider immoral and unethical lifestyles. How can they live that way? They live that way because it seems right to them. It makes sense to them. Even the criminal will justify his behavior as the right thing to do in his circumstance. And given their worldview, their behavior makes sense.

The other statement is that such a way is the way to death. Their worldview, however much sense it may seem to make, is wrong. What God sets forth is truth, despite whatever perspective any person may have. People may argue against truth; they may reason to the best of their ability; they may rail against truth; they may curse it; they may ignore it. Nevertheless, their way ends in death.

Do not be angry with the world. Do not be resentful of your neighbor. But do pray for your neighbor, that he or she may not follow what seems right, but be awaken to what is right. Pray that the Holy Spirit will awaken, convict, and grant faith to your neighbor to follow the path of faith in Christ that ends in life.

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