Proverbs 19:20

Listen to advice and accept instruction,
that you may gain wisdom in the future.

The wise understand this principle, for it is what led them to a higher plane of wisdom. Their desire to learn allowed them to seek instruction in the first place. Their interest is not in being perceived as knowledgeable, but rather they value knowledge itself. Furthermore, they understand that what may seem to be useless knowledge when they first learn it, becomes valuable in the future. The advice of the father to his son that seemed pointless in younger years is what came to their rescue in later years. The seemingly useless facts learned in school became applicable years later.

But it is not only the information itself that enhances wisdom in the future. The more the skill of listening to advice and accepting instruction is honed, the greater will be one’s advance in wisdom. Listening is a skill, and the earlier one develops and practices it, the better equipped he will be in the future to gain the knowledge and wisdom needed.

Learning information is important. You build each year upon the knowledge of earlier years. But knowing how to listen to advice and having the temperament to accept instruction are invaluable for equipping you throughout your life to handle the challenges you will face. The best insurance for the future is wisdom, and the route to wisdom is listening well and accepting instruction.

How well will you listen today? Will you listen to some advice and automatically tune out the advice that is good, but doesn’t come from the source you expect? Will hurt feelings keep you from receiving instruction that will help you and increase your wisdom? Listen and accept.

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