The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination;
how much more when he brings it with evil intent.

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination even when he does so with (in his mind) good intent. The wicked will contribute to charity. They will attend church and contribute to its causes. They will offer up prayers and even volunteer to help others. But because they do not repent of their sins, because they do not submit to the law of God, their sacrifices and "good" deeds are regarded as an abomination.

How much more then when the wicked bring their sacrifices with evil intent. They may give to a church in order to have control or to cover up their wickedness or to win the adulation of others. Attending church may be a means to win political favor or gain new clients or even to prey upon the unsuspecting. They may pretend to worship while inwardly mocking those who are worshipping.

God will not be mocked. It is better for the wicked to offer no sacrifice. Consider then the false ministers who turn their office as Ministers of the Gospel into Salesmen of Prosperity or even Deniers of the Gospel. Tremble for such persons who must give an account before the Almighty Judge. Take not lightly what God calls an abomination.

And take not lightly what our Lord has done for us. For without his sacrifice, our "sacrifices" would be an abomination to God no matter what our intent. His sacrifice was his own precious blood that he presented with the only pure intent ever shown by any man. Let us humbly give him thanks even now.

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