As an enthusiast of and a toiler in the realm of art, I often ponder myself and hear/read others’ thoughts on the question of “What is Art?”  This is of course a subjective question that has been debated through the centuries, and a question to which I in my lifetime have yet to hear anyone answer definitively.  Of course, I have my own perspective on this question, and as a believer I find that the most freeing understanding of art is the insight it gives the artist to knowing the Creator of our Universe.  He has given us the privilege to be made in His image, and I believe that a crucial aspect of bearing His image is the desire for creative expression in our individual lives.  

When I work in any medium of art, I express a reflection of the deep roots from where this talent comes.  To recognize the ultimate source of the gift of creativity/creative ability, I call any artistic work I create “A Creation in the name of Christ” (ACINC).   As a leader in Maranatha at Tenth Presbyterian Church, I have had the opportunity to come along side teens as they have participated in our annual Maranatha Art Show.  A few years ago as we attempted to do this, I found that the kids would hesitate to share what they were doing in their personal lives of creativity because they thought and said, “It’s not good enough.” The world’s opinions can stifle our creativity at a young age.   

It became obvious that there are many teens who also have a deep-rooted artistic process taking place in their own lives. I found that they were sketching, building, writing, and had an eye for photography (I say this with a chuckle because I am not talking about “selfies”).  It has opened the doors for me to come into community with the teens on a personal level.   The Maranatha Art Show has spurred our youth on to showcase the talents the Lord has given them, and is an opportunity for them to express thanksgiving for these gifts.  They enjoy this creative process in their personal lives and desire to share it with others, just as the LORD desires to share His wonderful creation with us. 

Come feast your eyes on art by youngTenth artists at the Maranatha Art Show.  Works such as those depicted here will be on display in Fellowship Hall after all services on Sunday, November 22, Thursday the 26th  (Thanksgiving Service) & Sunday the 29th.

We can see and reflect with thanksgiving the talents the Lord gives His children.

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