We Call Them Partners for a Reason!

by Laura Layer, Tom Witmer April 19, 2015

What does it mean to partner with someone? It means to work together, to share the load; that two heads are better than one, that where two or more are gathered Jesus is there! So the global partners of Tenth Presbyterian Church need you, and you need them.

Look for our brochure, Global Ties, which provides practical suggestions on how to “tie in” with our outreach partners throughout the world (we will let you know as soon as it is available). As a church it is our duty to support the missionaries sent out by Tenth.  But it is also a privilege and joy for us to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20) by partnering as a team. Global Ties provides ideas on how to connect with a Tenth worker in a way that fits in with your schedule. Find something that resonates with you and tie in!

A common denominator for all global partners is the need for prayer. Those on the front lines of battle encounter the greatest resistance, and prayer is essential for their protection and effectiveness. Our partners have the same types of struggles that we have plus a variety of additional challenges. Knowing that someone here intercedes for them can be a great encouragement. Use the daily prayer calendar (provided monthly as a bulletin insert) during your devotional time or as part of giving thanks before a meal. Or choose one partner whose life situation you can identify with and pray for them in the same way you pray for yourself.

A partner family may also have other practical needs we can meet, whether on the field or on home assignment in the states. Some examples are:

  • Loaning a car for a couple months while in the area (an extremely frequent need)
  • Recommending a medical specialist
  • Giving a ride to a medical or dental appointment
  • Providing or referring for counseling to address a life stress
  • Preparing their taxes
  • Babysitting their children so they can attend a retreat, training, or just have a night off

Have you heard of Grace House? It is Tenth’s row home in Upper Darby that is named for Tenth member Grace Emery who lived there; her children bequeathed it to the church. The house is a place to stay for our workers while they’re here on home assignment. We have numerous ways to tie in by helping with the house. As a nice by-product you’ll get to know the Tenth partners who are there! Are you handy? Grace House can use you! Can you cut grass? You’d be a splendid help. And doing the yard work not only helps to maintain the property, it contributes to our witness to the neighbors. If you bake, hospitality gifts can serve to welcome or otherwise encourage partner families while they stay there. Get your Bible study involved and find out when your adopted global partner is in town so you can connect with them.

If you can help the Global Outreach Commission care for Tenth’s partners, please contact Kari Randall at krandall@tenth.org so that we can match your skill set with our partners’ needs. You will be asked to serve only if a need is expressed; we will understand if you cannot accommodate a request when it arises.

We’ve recently started an email pen-pal program so that Maranatha children can write to global partners’ children. This is a great way to connect with kids their age and make sure they don’t get left out when global partners visit Tenth on home service.

This year, we have a fantastic opportunity to rally around several new partners heading to the field. Omar and Jennifer Cedeño will serve in the Dominican Republic, Jean in the Middle East, John and Lori Kempen in Ethiopia. How can you bless them and their families as they prepare to depart?

Let us commit to be worthy of the praise Paul gives to the church at Philippi: “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:3–5).


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