The news is usually good from Global Outreach, but some greetings arrive more quickly than others. The postmark is dated 18 November 15. Our global partners' precious letter took more than a month to meander through Mexico and on up to 1701 Delancey Street.

Through this letter I am greeting you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ; waiting and hoping that is well and you are enjoying full health. I have tried to communicate with you by phone to thank you all for the support you are always sending me, but I could not, so now I'm doing it by letter.

Thank you very much. God will reward you all with abundance. On 14 October past, I turned 90 years old, and we feel it closely, and everyone senses this more “running slowly,” but thanks be to God for having permitted us to live many years, but most of all for having taught his word of life through his son Jesus Christ. Thanks be to him.

Now I want you to send a greeting and a big hug to the whole church: to that church that has always thought of us. Now I wish you and the whole church, a merry, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

Yours tenderly in Christ,
Juan, Rosa, and Veronica Villa, Mexico (retired)

Some greetings arrive in a more technologically advanced manner. This benediction arrived via text:

Beloved brethren of Tenth Church,  May the divine power of God that holds Heaven and Earth without pillars, protect & lift you above all the fears and new challenges of life in this new year.  Happy New Year!!

The Dyajis, Nigeria

As we enter 2016, please continue praying for our global partners. If you flip over the monthly prayer calendar, you'll see our partners are categorized by region. The list looks a little daunting sometimes, doesn't it? But of those 61 partners in 30 countries, you can pick two and get to know them. Ask your small group leader if you've adopted a global partner, and if you haven't, Global Outreach Commission will be happy to connect you.

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