Global Outreach Conference 2015

by Kari Randall November 3, 2015

"Our time is short…so very short on this earth. We MUST live it for the Lord. When we get old, us believers, I think we will all deeply regret not having been more courageous, more forthright with the gospel than we were. We need to risk more, methinks…and not care about hurting someone's feelings. Yes, there are times to be sensitive…and it can take time to build a relationship…to gain someone's trust. But we must be about the business of getting the good news out!…for it's the best news."

I received this email from a global partner in a country that’s frequently lamented about in editorials and splashed across headlines. He and his wife are on the cutting edge. And God is moving.

Come experience this good news with us at the Annual Global Outreach Conference, November 7-15.

We’ll first hear all the updates from Africa at 7 PM on Saturday, at Eye On Africa in Fellowship Hall. Since 1952, Donald and Faye Smith have chased God’s lead through South Africa, Zimbabwe, to Kenya, where they established Daystar University, the country’s first private Christian university, in 1966. Now Kenya is in the shadow of Al Shabaab. How can you trust God when the story changes? Our own Gavin Lymberopoulos, director of Outreach, will discuss the tough questions with Donald, and we’ll hear from others on the ground in a press conference-style affair. Register here to reserve your spot!

We’ll continue our celebration of the good news going forth to all nations with our traditional flag parade, intrepidly conducted by our 4th and 5th graders on Sunday, November 8. Can you identify the different countries? Better yet, get to know the global partners represented by the flags. Pick up a prayer calendar and pray daily for our brothers and sisters in lands near and far.

Check with your small group leader to see if any partners are dropping by during conference week. On the Sunday mornings, Partner Care Committee Chairwoman Laura Layer is coordinating a time to meet and greet global partners during the 9 AM in 1710/12 2nd Floor Front. Catch up over a light breakfast in a smaller setting.

Our annual banquet returns on November 14 at 6:30 PM as an Annual Correspondents Dinner. Several foreign correspondents on the cutting edge will report on their contexts. We’ll feast on Asian cuisine, and welcome home Susan L., who has been serving as an English teacher in a strategic capital city. Register here by November 11 to reserve your seat! If you have a traditional costume, please wear it to represent your country and we’ll waive your entry ticket!

As you’re attending conference events and worshipping with us on Sundays, pray for how God would use you for his Kingdom work, whether that means sharing with your neighbor in Philadelphia, praying for global partners, or discerning a call to cross-cultural work.

Our Time Is Short. The News Is Good. Onward.

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