“… I Will Build My Church…”

by Shannon Johnston March 23, 2018

For years they waited for the building permits to rebuild the church while it continued to crumble around them. At long last, the local government issued the work permits last year, but with the condition that construction be completed on a tight deadline. This is the reality for this congregation in Egypt.

The outreach to their neighborhood is strategic for the gospel’s growth in the region. Over Christmas, celebrations where their children’s choir was invited to perform, allowed for dialogue in the community and with local leadership. A group of young people visits the local cancer institute to pray and visit with patients each week. A women’s group meets monthly, and other members are reaching out to those in the nearby prison. They hosted a three-day fair for the financially underprivileged, offering resources. All of these events serve to create opportunities for the church to grow in relationship with their neighbors.

The Easter Sacrificial Offering will help complete the sanctuary and office space, which are in progress. Through past ESO gifts and other financial support, the church has made significant progress on renovating the building, most notably the addition of a large air conditioning unit. The equivalent of a large house renovation in the United States will finish this large rebuilding project.

This isn’t just any sister congregation in the Middle East. Elder Nasrat Ghattas grew up in this church, and it greatly contributed to his own spiritual growth.

Pastor M has a far-reaching vision for the impact of his church in the community, and says, “We trust that you will share us in prayer that God may open more doors to declare His kingdom for many nations, and we will see the light of our Lord fill our country.”

Pray for this Church, their community, and Pastor M. Pray for how you can participate in this ministry through ESO.

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