Advent Reflection

Here’s the perennial question—are you ready?

As my wife has all too often reminded me when I talk in panic terms about not being ready for Christmas, “You’ve known for a year when the day would be!” What about those last minute presents I didn’t purchase or the additional preparations I promised to get ready? I’m not ready!

The spiritual implications are pretty clear as well, aren’t they? How have I prepared to celebrate the birth of my Savior? This gift that God the Father has prepared from all eternity is to be cherished and reflected upon. The Advent season is an attempt by the church to call believers to pause, meditate, and worship the greatest of all gifts. This Christ child is both the King and at the same time, the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.

Here’s another thought that we should be considering. How am I preparing for the day of Christ’s return? A day that no one knows but the Father. A day that Jesus himself has told us to anticipate. To watch and pray. Christmas and Easter are the two most significant historical events for us to celebrate and remember, but there is also a day to come. A day in which all history will end and he will come to judge the earth. We don’t know that day or hour.

May this Christmas season be a celebration and a reminder to prepare for another and even greater day of his coming.

Tenth Highlight

There are any number of gifts we give during this time of the year. Here’s a gift you can give that won’t cost much but can reap rich dividends.  Simply pull someone aside who is serving here at Tenth Church and thank them. Not primarily the higher profile people but those who work faithfully behind the scenes to help us function.  They are humble and gracious servants of Christ whom many of us don’t know or even see. Let’s thank God for them.

Merry Christmas!

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