Capital Campaign Survey: This Sunday, February 21

by Frank Harder, George McFarland February 18, 2016


Dear Tenth Church Family,

We are writing to give you a heads-up about a survey we're asking the congregation to take after the worship services this coming Sunday, February 21. Your efforts are needed to help the Capital Campaign planning committee do its work. You can think of the survey as the beginning of a conversation on the shape of the capital campaign to pay for the 1710 building. The survey will be online next week for those of you who are not able to be at church this Sunday.

The first section of the survey will collect some demographic information and help us understand more about our congregation as well as how our family demographics have changed since the previous campaign a decade ago.

We're also asking some questions about your areas of involvement in outreach at Tenth and the degree to which leadership is effectively communicating vision and mission. We have come through a difficult season as a church family and are eager to focus on the future of the church, and we want to know where we are as we start this process.

Lastly, there are a number of questions designed to get your initial thoughts on some of the trade-offs we have to balance out in our planning process, including:

  • Do we pay down the debt as fast as we can?
  • Do we sell buildings (1716 Spruce and/or 315 S. 17th) to generate cash, or hold onto them for future ministry?
  • Do we use our available cash to develop the space quickly-making room for expanding ministry, or slowly-giving priority to the pay down of debt?
  • Do we give 10% of the monies raised to foreign missions capital projects as we did in the last campaign?

We'd love to be able to do everything, but we know that we may need to prioritize along the way and value your input in that process.

Again, this survey is the beginning of a conversation. If you feel you don't have enough information to share an opinion, then feel free to write that in at the end.

The survey concludes with an opportunity to pass along any concerns or affirmations to the church leadership. We are eager to hear from you. At the end of the day, Tenth Church is not a building, it is people. We are thankful for you and eager to partner with you in the Lord's work in this place.

In Him,

Frank Harder and George McFarland
Co-Chairmen, Capital Campaign Committee

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