Between services while people are sipping coffee and chatting with their pew mates in Fellowship Hall others are down in the Catacombs getting to know Amy Carmichael, John Calvin, Tim Keller, The Yada Yada Prayer Group, John Avery Whittaker, and Larry the Cucumber. Where are they meeting such interesting sounding people?

Well, they are in the Tenth Library and we invite you to come down and check it out too! What will you find? You might find a 3rd grade girl who comes looking for the next Mandie book each week, or the 1st grader who is on his third time through the Veggie Tales Videos. You might find families checking out Adventures in Odyssey or Chronicles of Narnia CD’s. Maybe you will spot your Sunday school teacher returning a book he used to prepare for class or a small group leader seeking a commentary to help answer the question someone asked at last week’s meeting.

You could also meet the high school student wondering what materials we have on faith and postmodern culture to help her with an essay assignment or the 7th grader who needs a biography to fulfill a reading requirement. This summer you would have found lots of 1st-6th graders vying to check out missionary stories and biographies to read for WOW. You would also have found people seeking vacation-time reading/listening: novels, biographies, church history, CD’s from past PCRTs, and other conferences;  a volume on marriage, parenting or finances. You are almost sure to see Rose checking out what’s new or “seasonal” on the display shelf and there will likely be someone scanning the “Tenth Authors” section for a book by James M. Boice, Phil Ryken, Hughes Old, Paul Tripp or Arlita Winston.

You can even find Liam Goligher’s books to check out and enjoy more of his teaching with the “bonus” that, in print, he is accent free! Were you inspired to learn more by the recent Vocational Ministry Kickoff, the Global Outreach Conference, or the Reformation Hymn Festival?  We have books to help you continue exploring all those areas, too.  All you have to do is come down for a visit and check it out. By joining other patrons in “checking out” the people who wrote and/or inhabit the books and audio visual resources in the library, you become part of a larger fellowship of believers.  Also, you will be growing in your faith, renewing your mind, deepening your understanding of God’s word, training up a child or just being reminded that “God made you special and He loves you very much.”

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