Executive Minister

The Executive Minister is responsible for executing the church’s overall mission and coordinating the church’s ministries, representing the Senior Minister in these roles. The Executive Minister at Tenth Presbyterian Church will have four main responsibilities: strategic direction, operational leadership, people management, and enabling pastoral care. The Executive Pastor oversees all operational aspects of the church, including staffing, training and equipping, finances, strategic planning, Human Resources, and ensuring the church is carrying out its vision and mission. The Executive Minister is directly responsible to the Senior Minister and Session and is guided by them in the overall performance of these duties. This is an exempt position.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

Strategic Direction

  • Support the Senior Pastor in accomplishing the church’s mission through ministry effectiveness evaluation, discernment, decision-making, planning, and overall direction of the church staff.
  • Facilitate (in coordination with the Trustees and Administrator, and in consultation with the Senior Minister) the annual strategic planning process, including evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and tactics; and establishment of three-year goals.

People Management

  • Directly oversee all pastoral staff (in coordination with the Senior Minister) and oversee the Church Administrator
  • Continuously work to build a culture in which all staff feel valued, motivated, and aligned to the church’s mission. Understand and address employee sentiment.
  • Elevate the work of staff by setting goals, offering encouragement and growth opportunities, tangibly removing obstacles to staff success, regularly meeting with staff and evaluating performance.
  • Take primary responsibility for onboarding new ministry staff, with frequent check-ins during their first year on staff.
  • Promote and exemplify collaboration between disparate groups within Tenth.
  • Ensure that annual performance reviews are performed and documented for all pastoral staff.

Enabling Pastoral Care

  • Oversee the church-wide process of pastoral care (in coordination with the parish elders and pastoral staff). Design and implement processes to ensure that pastoral care is of the highest quality, timely, and reliably provided to all demographics within the Tenth Presbyterian Church congregation.
  • Direct the Kingdom Discipleship Commission in executing their responsibilities to provide spiritual care to church members, including overseeing the parish system.
  • Oversee Officer training for each new class of officers and deaconesses.
  • Serve and Pastor Tenth’s congregation as an ordained minister through leading public worship, preaching, teaching, administering the sacraments, conducting weddings and funerals, attending Session meetings, doing visitation, and generally being available at the church for pastoral ministry. He is allowed to serve the PCA denomination and engage in outside ministry activity (e.g., speaking, publishing, serving on boards). However, these activities are not to interfere with prior commitments to Tenth Church, and should be approved in advance by the Session.
  • Act as liaison between the Presbytery and Tenth Church.

Operational Leadership

  • Ensure the operational readiness of the church through leadership and oversight of the pastoral staff.
  • Advocate for appropriate staffing and resources for the fulfillment of the church’s mission during the annual budgeting process.
  • Take accountability for executing on the annual budget. Educate and assist staff in managing ministry budgets.
  • Proactively identify, raise, and mitigate key operational risks in coordination with Trustees
  • Be regularly present on Tenth’s campus Tuesday through Friday each week.



  • A sinner saved by grace, mature in Christ with a vibrant and contagious faith.
  • A person of integrity, authenticity and transparency, marked by humility, possessing the heart of a servant, who ministers with the gospel of grace – as opposed to through political or legalistic means.
  • A Spirit-led believer, growing in personal sanctification, motivated to increase in spiritual fruitfulness and humbly desiring the blessed life outlined in Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.
  • A pastor with a heart full of compassion, empathy, wisdom, understanding, and Christ-like love.
  • A leader whose passionate zeal, Spirit-based energy, intellectual curiosity, vitality and enthusiasm is evident to all, and who is approachable and a good listener with an ability to win hearts as well as arguments.
  • A shepherd’s heart, oriented towards relationships


  • Trinitarian, Christocentric, with an unwavering commitment to the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures as originally given in the Old and New Testaments as the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
  • Knowledgeable in Church history and Systematic Theology with astuteness and ability to engage the issues of the day, upholding the centrality of the Word in worship and the life of the church.
  • Reformed in theology according to the Westminster Standards (Confession of Faith and the Catechisms) and academically credentialed consistent with the theological standards required by the denomination.


  • Pastorally and wisely applies God’s truths within Tenth’s cross-cultural context: to singles and married; to traditional as well as blended family structures; to people of all financial, racial and educational backgrounds.
  • Collaborates well with committees, commissions and boards, valuing people, affirming their diverse gifts, delegating appropriately and effectively.
  • Our church currently needs to hire someone with the following gifts from the Holy Spirit.
    • Leadership and Organization (Romans 12:8), (1 Cor. 12:28)
    • Service (Romans 12:7)
    • Teaching (Romans 12:7)
    • Shepherd/Discipler
    • As requested, preaches clear, scripturally-based, expositional, well-reasoned sermons which are delivered with the proper authority and dignity, showing reverence for the Word of God.

Home and Community

  • Someone who desires to become a citizen of Philadelphia maturing in cross-cultural awareness and, if married, a dedicated husband and father who is willing to lead and serve his family sacrificially.
  • Ideally willing to live in the City of Philadelphia and has a heart for our city.

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; Seminary degree preferred; MDiv or equivalent is required.


  • Recommended Minimum 10 years of pastoral or management experience or practical
  • Proven track record of leadership, collaboration, and people management
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Has a growing relationship with Jesus


Instructions to Apply

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