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When Jesus spoke of the unforgivable sin, He was speaking to the religious leaders of Judaism. They had thousands of years of divine revelation and prophetic ministry promising the coming of the Messiah. He was their Messiah. Because God is Trinity, to reject Jesus is the reject the Father and the Spirit also; it is to reject the God of Israel; and it is therefore to reject the only Savior. Jesus was warning them and people today that if they reject Jesus as Savior (in a final sense, without changing their minds) they are rejecting the only way of salvation and therefore sinning the unforgivable sin from which there is no return unless they change their minds and trust in Him.

People who have rejected Christ, and thereby committed the unforgivable sin, would have no concern about it, because they don’t believe and therefore couldn’t care less! Therefore, if you are concerned, you have not committed the unforgivable sin.

So, Christian, why are you so afraid? The devil is the author of lies and the spreader of fear. He hates Christian happiness. He is an accuser of the saints, and is accusing you to yourself of having committed this sin—which you have not—to make you miserable. So resist. Look to Jesus. Tell the devil if he has something to say to you, to say it to Jesus who is your rock, your safety and your defense.

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