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Nov 26

A Time for Giving Thanks

Leviticus 23:33-44

Celebrate the festival to the LORD. Leviticus 23:39

The story of Esperanza Health Center (EHC) is a story of God’s faithfulness, and Tenth Church has been a vital part of this story. Since 2001, Tenth has supported Esperanza for a total of $177,646. The mission of EHC is fulfilled in cooperation with the church and others—this is unchanged in over 30 years of service. No patient is turned away because of inability to pay, and thousands of…

Nov 5

Of Mercy and Grace

David Apple’s Mission to Philadelphia

Born in the shadow of New York City, David Apple never knew life apart from urban America. As the grandson of Russian immigrants, he quickly learned as a child that life in Patterson, New Jersey, was not for the faint of heart. His high school days at Eastside High School proved to be a challenge from the start. Apple was a bookish sort of young man—always interested in reading and…