Ministry Updates by Craig Claudin

Craig Claudin is Tenth's website manager and recently oversaw its re-design.  He has served at Tenth as a deacon and made several full-length documentary films for the church. Graphic and website design are fairly recent career additions. Craig enjoys time alone with God and His Word, filmmaking gear, and reading about film director Stanley Kubrick. Craig's favorite movie: "2001: A Space Odyssey."  He is married to Margaret, a flutist, flute teacher, and flute choir conductor.  They live in Mt. Airy and have two cats. 



Before Dr. Bruce McDowell, Elaine Pennel and Samuel Kent left for Liberia on March 12, I had a chance to interview Bruce about the trip and what he hopes God will accomplish.

I hope you'll take 13 minutes to watch the video so that we as a church might better lift up the team before the Throne of Grace.  God has…