Tenth Press: Exploring the New Tenth.org

by Ben Hutton, Sarah Boghosian November 24, 2013

Perhaps you’ve noticed that we have a new website! After more than two years of planning and development, we were thrilled to release the new Tenth.org just over a month ago. This is Tenth’s first website redesign in almost a decade, and in the first month since the site has launched, we’ve had over 18,000 site visits and more than 88,000 page views.

Four Website Audiences

One unique challenge to redesigning the site has been ensuring we serve our four very diverse audiences by,

  • Strengthening, equipping, and encouraging our church community.
  • Welcoming and informing potential new members.
  • Connecting with and serving the wider church beyond Philadelphia.
  • Providing an accessible entry point for people exploring Christianity.

So far we’ve received some great feedback—some positive and some containing helpful critiques—which we read with great interest. Please continue to send us your feedback using the Send Feedback button in the lower right corner of any page. (If you have a question for which you’d like a direct response, please include your email address.)

Virtual Website Tour

Let’s take a virtual tour of Tenth.org, starting with the Home page. The 4 graphic slides change with upcoming events at the church. The Welcome slide takes you to the Sundays at Tenth page with links to the bulletin, Livestream (formerly Webcast), and the Preaching Schedule. Other current slides include the Thanksgiving Worship Service slide, the Advent Sermon Series slide, and the Congregational Dinner & Meeting slide, each one containing helpful event details. The Home page also lists upcoming events, last Sunday’s sermons with a link to Livestream, and recent blog posts.

About contains overview information about Tenth, including all 45 staff and 66 officers. Here you can read about what we believe, membership and baptism, and find practical information like directions, parking, and campus accessibility. There’s also a great welcome video featuring Dr. Goligher with Dr. Jones’ “Come to the Waters” playing in the background.

Ministries currently boasts 27 different ministry sections, 157 total pages, and 21 opportunities to volunteer with those ministries, making it one of the largest sections of our website. What a demonstration of the breadth, depth, and variety of ministries we have here at Tenth!

Ever wonder which parish you’re in or how big your parish is? Parishes can answer those questions and more! We have 6 parishes and 53 small groups plotted out on our parish map. Each parish has its own page with helpful information unique to that parish. Parishes also houses Classifieds where you can browse listings and submit your own listing.

On the average Sunday, 16 different events appear on our Events calendar. Events are displayed with their date, time, location, special parking information (when applicable), and a brief description. You may find the Preaching Schedule of particular interest, too, since it lists recent and upcoming preachers, sermon titles and texts, and bulletins.

What’s in the Resource Library? Video and audio from all 60 sermons in Dr. Goligher’s Samuel series, 4 lectures in the Boice Center lecture series, 5 concerts from the 2012-2013 Tenth Concert Series, and 363 of Marion Clark’s Proverbs devotionals, just to name a few. More resources are added every week, including the latest sermons. Over the next few months we hope to migrate even more resources from our old site to the new one.

Our Blog is the very best way to stay informed about news and updates at Tenth and to get your daily Proverbs devotional fix. From Kari Randall’s recap of Global Outreach’s recent Missionopoly event to Marion Clark’s take on the outcome of the 2013 World Series; from Missy Strong’s informative “Everyone is Musical” series to Ruth Kiehlmeier’s “TIF: November News & Updates”email or RSS feed.

Feedback & Subscribe to Blog

We pray this new site serves your needs no matter which of our audiences you fit into. Don’t forget to send us your feedback so we can continue to improve and enhance Tenth.org, and consider subscribing to our blog, so you never miss a daily post.


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