Ordering the TRINITY Sermons

by July 10, 2017


Dr. Liam Goligher's June blogs sparked The Great Trinitarian Debate in the eyes of the Christian public. The discussion ran like wildfire across the evangelical blogosphere throughout 2016, bringing the Doctrine of the Trinity to national attention.

In response, Dr. Goligher preached a series of worshipful sermons on the Trinity from Hebrews 1. This Doctrine is not easy to understand or to preach.  Yet the Trinity is the most foundational of all Christian beliefs, because it speaks of the God we worship as he revealed himself to finite minds.

Realizing the importance of Dr. Goligher's sermons, The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals released eight in a set called simply TRINITY. The Alliance itself reaches almost a million Christians in the blogosphere and the set is available on other sites, too. 

Contemplation of the Trinity opens fresh vistas of spiritual knowledge as Christians read Scripture for themselves. They will find TRINITY ideal for their own devotional study.  Also consider a set as an Easter gift to your favorite young pastor or pastor-to-be. 


  • CD Set: $48.00

  • MP3 Set: $8.00

Two Ways to Order

1. Toll-Free Phone Ordering

Call Reformed Resources at 800-488-1888. Have your credit card handy. For ease of ordering, please use:

  • Code SD-LTRI for the TRINITY CD Set
  • Code SM-LTRI for the TRINITY MP3 Set

2. Online Ordering

Begin by setting up a free account at Reformed Resources, then log-in. Below your name, click ‘Profile’ to complete the account setup.

Return to this page and click on a link below.

  • Click here to order TRINITY as a boxed set of eight audio CDs.
  • Click here to order TRINITY as a boxed, single disc containing eight MP3 audio files.

Note: After accepting your credit card, a page asks for 'Other Information.' Re-enter the Billing Information to complete the order. 


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