Last Sunday’s Sermons: “What’s in a Name?” & “This Is the Judgment: Light Has Come into the World”

by Sarah Boghosian February 10, 2014

What's in a Name?—ISAIAH 7:18-8:4

In his most recent Sunday morning sermon (2/9) "What's in a Name?" from the sermon series "The Gospel According to Isaiah," Liam Goligher expounds upon Isaiah 7:18-8:4. He explains that the prophet Isaiah finds the nation of Israel in a "bit of a state." The nation is divided; the house of David is confined to one tribe in one small part of Israel. The people to the north have become an independent nation antagonistic towards Judah and the house of David. Northern Israel is in a political alliance with Syria. Judah and its king, Ahaz, are afraid. Out of fear of the future, Ahaz has a plan. He will look east and north towards the rising power of Assyria, and he will ask Assyria to be his nation's savior and rescuer. Isaiah has confronted the king with this: will you be driven by fear or faith? Liam explores Isaiah's question in his sermon and applies it to the churches of today.

You can watch the full service, including Tenth Men's Choir's Prelude and Offertory anthems, on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

This Is the Judgment: Light Has Come into the World—JOHN 3:16-21

Sunday evening, Liam continued his sermon series in John "That You May Believe…" with "This Is the Judgment: Light Has Come into the World" based upon John 3:16-21. Liam discusses the myth of neutrality: the idea that human reason is a neutral observor or assessor of human life, behavior, and activity. The idea that the media itself is a neutral function. Sin, however, means that absolutely every aspect of human life has been infected and affected by sin. So that world into which Christ came was not a neutral world. His presence in the world exposed the darkness in the world that is in everything and everyone. Liam preaches on the affects of the Light coming into the world, including the days of grace preceding final judgment.

You can view the full service on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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