Last Sunday’s Sermons: “King of Kings” & “Living Water”

by Sarah Boghosian March 5, 2014

AM: King of Kings  Isaiah 9:1-7

Last Sunday (3/2) morning Liam Goligher preached on Isaiah 9:1-7. The sermon "King of Kings" is the latest in his sermon series "The Gospel According to Isaiah."

Liam set the context for this passage. Isaiah 9:1 describes the final rejection of God's promise to Israel regarding the house of David and the threat of the effects of this rejection in their history to come. The effect would be losing the land, exile in Babylon, the destruction of 10 of the tribes, the loss of Northern Israel, and the reduction of the whole nation to merely a shadow of its former self. But even more seriously than that, is the spiritual declension and hardening that would grab the hearts of the people of Israel as part of God's judgment for rejecting his promise to the house of David. To those who held onto the Word of God, Isaiah has declared that there is hope for the future. We find what that hope consists of: the arrival of the King of Kings who will bring God's light and God's rule to the world.

You can watch the full service on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

PM: Living Water  John 4:7-26

In his Sunday evening sermon, "Living Water," Liam reminds us of the long history of antagonism between Northern and Southern Israel. The Jews viewed Samaritans as unclean. Jesus asking for water from the woman of Samaria was so shocking because a Jewish man couldn't speak with a woman of Samaria. So there is an element of surprise but also prejudice in her response to Jesus. Jesus wants to make her into a true worshipper of God. He's inviting her to look to him. In the process of receiving the water of life she needed to know herself. And it is the same for us. In the process of receiving the water of life we need to know ourselves. There are several aspects of knowing ourselves that Liam fleshes out in "Living Water." This sermon is part of the John sermon series "That You May Believe…"

You can watch the full service on YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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