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Mar 17


ESL at Kirkbride Elementary School

On March 3, we presented a gift of chocolates to the adult ESL student who won the contest to name the onsite ESL program. Submissions were numerous and included the following words: speak, learn English, class, program, South Philly, and community. For now, though, I need to back up.

Tenth’s Mercy Commission includes the South Philadelphia Immigrant Committee, which oversees an ESL outreach program to the adult community from the Kirkbride School…

Oct 4, 2018

A Journey to Connect

Reflections on Making Connections with Missionaries

For a long time, I have wanted to connect with a Tenth missionary in a personal, ongoing way. I envisioned knowing about their country and neighborhood, purpose of their mission, needs that I could help meet, and concerns that I could pray for. I’ve been following missionary news by praying through the monthly Outreach Prayer Calendar, attending some of the Sunday morning breakfasts with global partners, and listening to the…