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Holly Favino is Director of Medical Campus Outreach's (MCO) Summer Medical Institute Philadelphia.

Sep 17, 2019

In Kensington, the Freedom to Serve God Boldly

A Report of the 2019 Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute

I pulled my car to the front of the church building and saw that the police had already arrived. Nick stood on the sidewalk talking to the pastor, both looking at Nick’s car with its window broken, shattered glass filling the driver’s seat, sidewalk and curb. Nick, a Philadelphia medical student and participant in the Summer Medical Institute (SMI), had parked his car beside the church the night before, and…

Last summer a medical and a nursing student walked into a small bodega in the Hispanic neighborhood of Hunting Park in North Philadelphia. They wore scrubs, stethoscopes around their necks, and carried a medical backpack filled with health assessment forms, educational handouts, and supplies needed to carry out basic health screens for reading a person’s blood sugar, blood pressure, and body mass index. The temperature was in the 90s and…

Aug 22, 2018

The Fullness of Christ

A Report of the 2018 Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute

After participating seven years in the Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute (SMI), an evangelistic community health project, one consistent observation I’ve made is that God uses this ministry to not only bring health education and the gospel message to residents of North Philadelphia, but also to provide the Christian health care student participants with unique spiritual lessons relevant to each individual.

SMI took place June 23–July 14 and is…

In the Bible Jesus said that after loving God wholeheartedly, the second greatest commandment was to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Upon consideration, this requires much on our part. To love our neighbors implies that we must know them—who they are and where they live. We must talk with them, interact with them, and understand details of their lives.

From June 23-July 14, 18 Christian health care students

May 20, 2016

SMI 2016: He Makes All Things New

Medical Campus Outreach looks forward to its Summer Medical Institute


By Holly Favino, SMI Director

I am happy that this is my fifth year participating in the Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute (SMI).

SMI is a project run by Medical Campus Outreach (a ministry of Tenth) in partnership with Esperanza Health Center (a Christian medical center in North Philadelphia). Christian medical and nursing students will live and work June 25–July 16, 2016, in the…

Aug 28, 2015

Love the Unlovely

Impressions from the 2015 Summer Medical Institute (SMI)

Love the unlovely. 

This difficult concept refers to Christian compassion and care for people and circumstances we might otherwise avoid or ignore. Examples are woven throughout the Bible: God’s persevering care for the people of Israel, Jonah sent to Nineveh, Jesus and the woman at the well, Jesus eating with tax collectors at Levi’s house, and his compassion on the harassed crowds in Matthew 9, to name a…

The Gospels are rich with many examples of Jesus performing miraculous acts of healing. Despite our modern technology, advanced medicine, and increased healthcare access, many Philadelphians today lack resources, are homebound, or are just fearful of the cost of seeing a doctor. There are also many who do not know Christ. 

From June 27–July 18, twenty-six Christian medical, nursing, pharmacy, and other healthcare students will be going door-to-door…