Tenth Church Preschool

Tenth Church Preschool seeks to nurture the whole child through music, literature, learning, and play.

We want every child to have a sense of success and to have the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace. By offering a combination of child-initiated exploration and teacher-directed activities, Tenth Church Preschool supports each student's individual learning and provides the opportunity to develop their cognitive and social abilities. A monthly hands-on, theme-based curriculum gives a built-in focus for the classroom. Immersed in an environment rich in literature, numbers, and music, children can begin to make connections that form the basis of literacy and social interaction.

The preschool offers morning classes for children ages two years, seven month through Pre-K, an Afternoon Explorers club for three to five-year-olds who want to stay a little longer, and an optional weeklong summer day camp.