Ken & Donna Rudy

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Ken and Donna, along with their two children, Darla and Phil, began their preparation for service and missionary journey at Bethlehem Church in Randolph, New Jersey. Following two years of biblical studies at what was then Philadelphia College of the Bible, the Rudys started their missionary career with what is present-day Crossworld, formerly Unevangelized Fields Mission, in 1973. From August of that year to 1985, they studied language in Albertville, France. They worked with a team in Villefontaine, France that was church planting among the French and eventually moved to the France Field Center in Ruy, France. During the years there, they opened their home to their Crossworld colleagues, arriving missionaries, the Cambodian refugee community, and the North African community. Eventually, their emphasis became church-planting for the Cambodian refugees living in the city of Lyon, where they lived following a period in the US to establish their children in college. Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware became their church home during that twenty-two-month time in the U.S. Darla, their daughter entered Bryn Mawr College and their son, Phil attended Eastern College, but later transferred to West Chester University.

What began as an outreach to their Cambodian neighbors eventually grew to an established church in the Lyon area which is still thriving today. In the last few years, one of the founding elders and his wife have been sent out as missionaries from that church back to Cambodia.

In 1980, Ken was commissioned by the Cambodian church to serve with a medical team in the refugee camp in Thailand. This six-month stay gave him first-hand experience with all the devastation that had taken place in the country of Cambodia and a much deeper understanding of the people they were working among in France. It was from that time forward that Ken set his heart on someday serving in Cambodia. It would take him almost 20 years of service to other refugee populations, international students, and a great deal of spiritual preparation for him and Donna before the Lord opened the door to serve in Cambodia.

Following twelve years in France and twenty-two months in the U.S. settling their children into college, Ken and Donna were called by the elders of the International Chapel of Vienna to serve as their pastor to refugees who were pouring in from Eastern Europe. During their short time in Vienna Donna was active in the women’s ministry at the church and continued to open their home to refugees. Due to family needs and lack of finances, their time in Vienna was cut short.

In 1986, the Rudy’s returned to the U.S. where they served as host and hostess at their Mission Headquarters in Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. It was during that time that they began attending Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and started their work among the international population coming to study and work in the U.S. They served as host and hostess for two years. However, the Lord had other things in mind. Following a call from Dr. Bruce McDowell concerning a need for live-in directors at Philadelphia House in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia, the Rudy’s took up that ministry In October of 1988. They lived and served at Philadelphia House from 1988-1999. For seven of those years Donna assisted Ken in the work among students, but also worked on the staff at Tenth Church as administrative assistant to Dr. McDowell. They also cared for Ken’s elderly mother living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Upon leaving Philadelphia House in the summer of 1999, they continued their work among international couples living and studying in the city. During that two-year period Ken led a short-term team from Tenth Church to Romania. He also had the privilege of joining another team led by one of their Crossworld colleagues to Bosnia.

Then, following a 20 year wait, God opened the door for the Rudy’s to go to Cambodia. Their mission, Crossworld, seconded them to ELIC (English Language School China) and in August 2001, Ken and Donna were off to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Ken taught English at the University of Law and Economics and Donna served in a small English library on the campus, as
well as met with students in their home. When the Rudy’s returned to Cambodia, in 2004, following one year in the U.S. they were asked by Crossworld to return to Cambodia and be part of establishing a permanent Crossworld ministry in Cambodia. Today Cambodia has a full team of cross-cultural workers. During those two years under the direction of Crossworld, Ken continued his work at the university and Donna developed relationships with Cambodian women in leadership and worked with a local counseling ministry as mentor and support to the Cambodian staff of the counseling center. They also joined hands with two women working with young girls coming out of human-trafficking, mostly through encouragement and support of one another.
Since their return to the U.S. in 2007, Ken and Donna have worked with a local church plant, Ken has continued to teach English to immigrants and Donna has had an active ministry mentoring women. Donna made one short-term trip to Cambodia following her bout with cancer in 2008. Ken has made three return trips, and most recently, Ken made a ten-day trip to Cuba with a team from their local church. Presently, their title with Crossworld is “Ambassadors”, which they love because though some would call them “retired”, they are intent on following our commitment for as long as possible. Ken and Donna now attend First Presbyterian Church in Boulder where Donna is involved with both “Doorways” an English School for international women and “Stephen’s Ministry” and is spending time with other women who have been or are presently in full-time ministry. Ken continues to teach English when the opportunity lends itself. Both Ken and Donna are in reasonably good health and continue to look for open doors to serve when and where it is possible.

S & V

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Seeing the needs of lost and dying people outside the reach of the gospel (who could not research the gospel and Jesus even if they wanted to) originally gripped S & V’s hearts. Wise believers cautioned them that the need alone wouldn’t sustain a calling to live among unreached peoples.  Instead, using exposure to partners who visited Tenth, God began to shape their understanding that he is worthy to receive praise and honor in places where he does not yet receive them.  their motivation has been to see him glorified in places where he currently is not glorified through people coming to know him and worship him.

Pray that S&V would be abiding in Christ (apart from Him we can do nothing) – John 15:5.

Pray for new believers to grow in love for God and his Word – Eph. 3:14-19.

Pray their children would THIRST for Christ, and find Christian community – Mt. 6:33

Susan L.

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Norman & Allison MacKay

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Norman and Alison Mackay are church planters with the Free Church of Scotland, a Scottish Presbyterian denomination with over 100 congregations. Founded in 1843 and led by Doctor Thomas Chalmers the Free Church of Scotland is known for its strong defense of orthodox theology, its adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith, and until recently was exclusively psalm singing. The denomination has spearheaded church planting in Scotland and has a first-class theological seminary in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.    

 Both Norman and Alison studied at theological college and at Scottish universities.  Alison teaches in high school.  They have 2 sons Nathan (21) who studies philosophy at Glasgow University and Peter (19) who is studying at the Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, USA. 

In 2013 Rev Mackay was commissioned by the Free Church of Scotland to plant a church in the Govan area of Glasgow, Scotland.  Govan is an area of repeated multiple deprivation, and suffers from a culture of drug abuse, crime, high levels of violence and several generations of unemployment.  The Mackays moved into this work without any financial support, resources or personnel. After 6 years of labor there is today a flourishing indigenous church with multiple ministries serving the local Govan community.   

Today the Mackay family are church planting in the Govan area of Glasgow, Scotland, after being commissioned to do so at the Free Church of Scotland General Assembly in 2013.

Read more about the work in Govan in The Immeasurable Riches of His Grace in Kindness from Tenth Press in May 2016.

Matt & Tara

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In a region where less than 0.3% of the population is Christian, Matt and Tara’s work seeks to strengthen every step of the journey from darkness to light. The ministry delivers life-sustaining medications to over 1000 HIV positive beneficiaries, as well as critical medical care for cases as diverse as malaria and cancer. As most patients come from villages with no Christian witness, they can share with many who have never heard the Good News. They also work with local pastors to strengthen follow-up and outreaches, host trainings, and establish micro-enterprise initiatives. This nation is one of the world’s twenty least-reached nations, and yet the light is breaking in.


Matt’s interest in overseas work was fostered by being raised in a Christian home, where his parents often welcomed overseas workers. In college, off-terms with a Cru Summer Project, in a Jordanian Mission Hospital, and reading Piper’s “Let the Nations Be Glad” were all influential. Tara’s childhood experiences, including an overseas trip to visit Bible translators in rural Papua New Guinea served to build her passion for overseas work. Since marriage in 2002, they worked towards a career in missions, especially through overseas trips to Jordan, Egypt, and Ethiopia, before finding a good fit in western Africa.


Pray for Matt and Tara as we step into new leadership roles. 


Pray for their children as they continue their schooling and enter high school.


Michael & Carol

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Michael Cassidy, the founder of African Enterprise, has been involved in evangelism, teaching and leadership ministries since 1962, the year he launched AE with a mission to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.  Since then, he has led numerous missions to cities throughout Africa, as well as in other parts of the world, including Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Israel, Nicaragua, and Panama.  To further the accomplishment of AE’s mission – evangelizing the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the church – he has established evangelistic teams in Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and support offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Michael was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Maseru, Basutoland (now Lesotho).  He was educated in South Africa at Parktown School and Michael house.  In 2009, he received a Peacemaker Award from Christians For Peace in Africa. He and his wife, Carol, live in Hilton, near Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. They have two daughters, a son, and eight grandchildren.

N & L

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In a broad sense, while a young believer attending Tenth Church during his years as a dental student at Temple University, N began to see and feel the needs, both spiritual and physical, among many countries and people groups around the world. This came most memorably through Christian Medical and Dental Association conferences, Tenth Global Outreach conferences, and through the mutual calling of his housemates. Thus, it was a desire to serve where people had minimal access to the good news, as well as significant physical needs, that initially led N&L to North Africa. They had a great cross-cultural experience there, had good friends and a great team, however, restrictions on N’s ability to practice dentistry eventually forced them to re-assess their direction for the future. It was then that an outside call came from their organization to move into this regional leadership role.

N&L are very excited to continue with their organization, for L’s continued relational outreach to immigrant women which she loves and is gifted in, to have ongoing impact on the work in several closed countries, and for N to be able to have a blended ministry in the Mediterranean region with the local immigrant population while also exercising gifts in leadership and management and shepherding other workers.

Michael & Pearl Oh

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