S & V

Mere Agency May 22

Seeing the needs of lost and dying people outside the reach of the gospel (who could not research the gospel and Jesus even if they wanted to) originally gripped S & V’s hearts. Wise believers cautioned them that the need alone wouldn’t sustain a calling to live among unreached peoples.  Instead, using exposure to partners who visited Tenth, God began to shape their understanding that he is worthy to receive praise and honor in places where he does not yet receive them.  their motivation has been to see him glorified in places where he currently is not glorified through people coming to know him and worship him.

Pray that S&V would be abiding in Christ (apart from Him we can do nothing) – John 15:5.

Pray for new believers to grow in love for God and his Word – Eph. 3:14-19.

Pray their children would THIRST for Christ, and find Christian community – Mt. 6:33

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