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Mere Agency May 22

In a broad sense, while a young believer attending Tenth Church during his years as a dental student at Temple University, N began to see and feel the needs, both spiritual and physical, among many countries and people groups around the world. This came most memorably through Christian Medical and Dental Association conferences, Tenth Global Outreach conferences, and through the mutual calling of his housemates. Thus, it was a desire to serve where people had minimal access to the good news, as well as significant physical needs, that initially led N&L to North Africa. They had a great cross-cultural experience there, had good friends and a great team, however, restrictions on N’s ability to practice dentistry eventually forced them to re-assess their direction for the future. It was then that an outside call came from their organization to move into this regional leadership role.

N&L are very excited to continue with their organization, for L’s continued relational outreach to immigrant women which she loves and is gifted in, to have ongoing impact on the work in several closed countries, and for N to be able to have a blended ministry in the Mediterranean region with the local immigrant population while also exercising gifts in leadership and management and shepherding other workers.

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