Lani & Stephen Borgman-Shade

Mere Agency May 22

One of the most powerful and effective ways Lani and Stephen minister to international students, and what they are most passionate about, is the incarnational ministry of The Charis House.  They invite international, graduate students and researchers to experience Christian hospitality, a caring family environment, and the love of Jesus Christ through discipleship-oriented relationships, shared meals, activities, Bible studies, and spiritual conversations. Recognizing the university as a respected place where learning and discussion of new ideas thrive, Lani and Stephen partner with local American and ethnic churches in offering Bible studies, English language tutoring, conferences, and other such activities to challenge students and researchers as they think about the claims of Christ and offer opportunities to follow Jesus. Over the last 14 years they hosted over 201 students from 52 countries.  

Originally, Lani was inspired to minister internationally through the reading of God’s Word, missionary biographies, and a very specific call from God. Later, God miraculously opened the doors for her to go overseas, confirming the call. Ten years into missionary work, God re-directed her home. Lani’s overseas experience inspired her to begin international residential ministry. 

Lani, Stephen, and their children minister to students as a family. Pray that God would spiritually protect their family. Pray that their marriage and parenting relationships would remain strong. Pray they would be effective witnesses to those living with them. Pray their Bible study would yield great discussion and students would engage with the Gospel and give their lives to Christ.

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