Dennis & Judy

Mere Agency May 22

Dennis and Judy served as church planters and English teachers in Northern Africa for 21 years. When they first moved there in 1987, there were five Christians in their city. Through years of faithful evangelism, discipleship, and house church planting, they watched the Christian community grow. In recent years, they have had the privilege of working again with a man who lived with them years ago in North Africa. He is now in the United States preaching and teaching as one of the most well-known Muslim background believers in the world.

When Dennis and Judy returned to the United States in 2008, they became aware of over 100,000 Muslims living in Philadelphia. They began praying every Tuesday night for ministry to Muslims here in Philadelphia and around the world. As they prayed, God opened doors.

Dennis and Judy are now active in Northeast Community Church where they participate in an Arabic worship service on Sunday mornings and help with ESL classes during the week. They have countless deep and personal relationships with Muslims and Muslim-background believers in their neighborhood and throughout Philadelphia.

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