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Planting Churches

I encourage the Karen churches in evangelism. We do this through planting new churches. Before, the Karen churches used to send out evangelists to Buddhist and Animist villages to share the gospel. They stayed for a few days and worked with the people and befriended them before sharing the gospel. But this takes a long time. I have told believers to go and live in the non-Christian villages and some have gone and built homes and settled there. This way the gospel spreads much better. 
—Thai national, church planter

Tenth supports church planters working in Greece, Romania, Liberia, Scotland, the Middle East, Northern India, France, Colombia, Thailand and the Caribbean. Many of these are indigenous pastors with whom we are privileged to partner because they are far more adept at reaching their own culture than someone sent from outside.

Church Planting Partners

Reaching the Turkic World

The term “Turkic World” refers to the people groups speaking a Turkic language. Spread across Asia and Northwest China, over 170 million people speak a language rooted in Turkish. The Joshua Project reports 99.6% of these are unreached.

Getting the gospel into Turkey and helping the Turkish church to flourish thus becomes a high priority, one Tenth recognizes as a strategic focus. We have very close ties with three families working in Turkey and, in partnership with a consortium of reformed American churches, underwrite the work of national pastors, support theological training, and facilitate the publishing of theological material in Turkish.

Fast Facts on Turkey:

  • Historic birthplace of the church—home to ancient Antioch, Tarsus, Ephesus,[1] and the seven churches of Revelation
  • Country bridges two continents and comprises 301,383 square miles (bigger than Texas)
  • Population of 75 million people
  • Estimated 3,000 evangelical Christians, comprising 100 or so congregations
  • Only 30 Turkish pastors with any kind of theological training

Evangelizing Unreached People Groups

As I write this, I’m in a 3rd floor café looking down on the center of this wonderful capital city at the beginning of a holiday weekend. The streets are teeming with sellers, tourists, old bikes and new feathered ones, cars, taxis and motorbikes - a fluid, seemingly chaotic tapestry of energy and lights. If one were to go out and interview those selling on the sidewalk, cruising around the lake, tucked into cafés and asked them some question like “What comforts you in life and in death?…” or “What’s the point of your life (or anyone for that matter)?” “What’s your goal in life?” You would find such emptiness. Sometimes my friends’ lives and choices overwhelm me with pointlessness and sadness. So, you say, it’s that way in Philly too. And I totally agree with you on that. But if you are overwhelmed with hopelessness in Philly there is some place in every neighborhood you could find hope, there are radio stations, TV channels, programs, flyers, neighbors of your ethnic group or another to help you find light and love, not to mention a variety of literature available. Here, less than 10% of the population know anything at all about the Creator—barely his names. And of that 10% few have a deep knowledge or great hope. 
—Tenth partner working as a tentmaker in Asia

We’re doing things we can’t tell you. Over twenty-five percent of our budget supports work in closed or virtually closed countries. These are places where often less than 1 percent are Christians and most people have never met anyone who follows Jesus.

We hear back exciting reports: The Muslim university student who wanted to know about this strange religion that taught one should love your enemies; people who have never met a Christian but come to faith because they find a Bible and read it. God is at work!

We are privileged to be part of it but if we publicized it, we’d endanger our friends. That’s why our bulletin announcements and prayer requests are often so vague. Please do pray for the work. Your prayers are vital and if you’re a Tenth member and would like to know more, contact the Global Outreach Assistant.

Caring for Orphans

The author of James admonishes us to care for orphans and at Tenth we’ve developed strong ties to orphan homes in Colombia, Liberia, and India. We send annual teams to Liberia and Colombia and regularly include special needs in our Easter Sacrificial Offering. We want not only to provide food, shelter, and education, but also to introduce them to Jesus Christ. As one of our partners wisely said, “Caring for orphans is church planting on a twenty-year plan.” We are already seeing the fruit!

Orphanages We Support

Extending Theological Education

It’s our hope and prayer that the Lord would do such a work in the unreached nation of Japan that one day our seminary could train up hundreds of young missionaries to bring the Gospel to the nations of the 10/40 window. 
—Dr. Michael Oh, Founder, Christ Bible Seminary, Japan

Theological education is in Tenth’s DNA. Tenth’s long line of distinguished pastors has taught us to prize learning to think biblically, and the steady stream of seminary students through our doors reminds us of the necessity of theological education. We want to be sure that indigenous leaders have access to education in their home countries. Ensuring their training helps to mature and grow the global church.

Seminaries and Theological Training Centers We Support:

College and Seminary Faculty Sent by Tenth:

Publishing Christian Literature

My desire to be engaged in Bible translation flows from my own appreciation for God’s Word and how he has used it, and continues to use it, to break, melt, mold and fill me. When I experienced what I can only call a prodding of the Holy Spirit to become engaged in Bible translation, I looked for any reason why I should not go. The Lord showed me no reason to stay home and kept the passion alive. Hence, I went.
—Tenth partner serving as a Bible translator in the Middle East

Please pray for our translation project. It’s centered in a restricted-access area where the Church is persecuted. For this reason we have to be very careful about sharing information. Pray with us that we and our team would continue to have access to the area. Pray for the drafting, review, testing, and production phases of the project, as well as the protection of those who are helping us. —Tenth partner in undisclosed location

The wealth of commentaries and books available in English sometimes blinds us to the theological famine that Christians in other parts of the world endure. In some places there is only half a shelf’s worth or resources; in others there are not even Bibles. Tenth’s response is to budget money for publishing projects. So in addition to supporting two current Bible translation projects, Tenth also annually sets aside funds for publishing and translating Reformed works. Sometimes the funds are used for translating theological classics or works by western authors; other times, for publishing the work of indigenous theologians. Over the years we have funded publications in Amharic, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, and Tagalog. In areas where the church is just beginning to grow, it’s this kind of subsidy that assures sound teaching is both available and affordable.

Providing Emergency Relief and Care

Less than 1% of the population is evangelical Christian, with the vast majority being Muslim, and the country has only 1 doctor for every 30,000 people ….We are here because of the great physical and spiritual needs of the area. The hospital has served through surgeries and acute care, but also through their nutrition, water, and chronic care programs for over sixty years. However, their work would fail to be comprehensive if they shared only in deed and not in word, and so we are excited to be part of a team dedicated to these priorities, where the pearl of great price is held out and the blind offered sight….Still, this is a very hard place, and we feel very stretched to be here. 
Matt, a physician sent out by Tenth

Tenth’s location in a city noted for medical education has meant a high interest in providing both relief and medical care. Through our annual Easter Sacrificial Offering we seek to respond to urgent needs for relief. We also support Tenth health professionals working as doctors, dentists, and nurses in West Africa, Burundi, and other undisclosed locations.

Matt, physician serving in West Africa
John Cropsey, physician serving in East Africa (Burundi)