What We Support

Our Mission

In partnership with other Christians, and in support of indigenous Christian leaders in other countries, Tenth will provide home-church support for its own members called into career gospel service overseas and will give priority to planting urban churches, reaching the Turkic world, evangelizing unreached people groups, caring for orphans, extending theological education, publishing Christian literature, and providing emergency relief and medical care.

By the numbers

  • Tenth supports more than 60 "units" serving in 27 countries.
  • 11 are indigenous church planters with whom we partner.
  • 21 serve in countries officially closed to Christian witness.
  • 7 are ministering to internationals in the United States.
  • 68% of the Americans we support are Tenth members.
  • We support formal theological education in 7 countries.

Partners & Regions

Discover the work of more than 60 outreach partners laboring in 27 countrieswhom we support. They are involved in everything from planting churches and caring for orphans to evangelizing unreached people groups and publishing Christian literature.

Easter Sacrificial Offering (ESO)

Read about why we collect funds each Easter for ESO and how the funds are used to further God's work in the world.