Global Outreach

God has sent us to reach our neighbors and the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ through the power of the Spirit.

We strive to reach our neighbors through our personal witness to Jesus Christ, through church planting, and through ministries to families, college students, young adults, and medical professionals. (We also work with our Mercy Commission to reach international students, immigrants, refugees, and our underserved neighbors in Philadelphia.)

We strive to reach the nations by encouraging, supporting, visiting, and praying for our global partners, and by mobilizing new laborers to share the gospel around the world.

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Partner of the Week: Paul & Maggie Frank

Week of 14/10/2018 ⋅

Paul and Maggie work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Maggie helps safeguard documents and books in or about minority languages around the world. This includes translated Scripture, dictionaries, literacy materials, and research. Paul focuses on improving the lives of minority-language communities through education.


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