Matt & Tara

Serving in the Medical Field

Matt serves as a doctor at SIM Galmi Hospital in Niger, providing affordable healthcare in one of the poorest, least developed countries in the world. Pray for Matt and Galmi as they seek to demonstrate God’s love by offering both physical and spiritual healing to up to 300 people every day.

A portion of the 2019 Easter Sacrificial Offering will support the Galmi Hospital as they seek to build an outpatient wing to reach more patients with the gospel.


In a region where less than 0.3% of the population is Christian, Matt and Tara's work seeks to strengthen every step of the journey from darkness to light. The ministry delivers life-sustaining medications to over 1000 HIV positive beneficiaries, as well as critical medical care for cases as diverse as malaria and cancer. As most patients come from villages with no Christian witness, they can share with many who have never heard the Good News. They also work with local pastors to strengthen follow-up and outreaches, host trainings, and establish micro-enterprise initiatives. This nation is one of the world’s twenty least-reached nations, and yet the light is breaking in.


Matt's interest in overseas work was fostered by being raised in a Christian home, where his parents often welcomed overseas workers. In college, off-terms with a Cru Summer Project, in a Jordanian Mission Hospital, and reading Piper's "Let the Nations Be Glad” were all influential. Tara's childhood experiences, including an overseas trip to visit Bible translators in rural Papua New Guinea served to build her passion for overseas work. Since marriage in 2002, they worked towards a career in missions, especially through overseas trips to Jordan, Egypt, and Ethiopia, before finding a good fit in western Africa.


Pray for Matt and Tara as we step into new leadership roles. 


Pray for their children as they continue their schooling and enter high school.