Todd & Kathleen

Ministering through training churches and Bible studies

Todd & Kathleen

Todd and Kathleen minister to Hindus and Sikhs living on the East Coast. They are also involved in training churches to reach Hindus and Sikhs.

Pray for spiritual fruit from Todd’s recent trip to Asia, for the Bible studies they lead, and for people to help reach Punjabi Sikhs on the East Coast.

Todd and Kathleen have spent many years traveling back and forth to Asia to share the gospel. The Lord has given them a love and compassion for the lost and those suffering in this life. This led them to visit a part of the world where the people are oppressed by poverty and spiritual darkness, and then join a team to work among one of the least-reached groups there. They continue to work with members of these people groups who have immigrated to the United States.

Pray for Todd and Kathleen's health, which has not been stable in recent years. Pray specifically for those they know and care for who are still lost and seeking their Savior.