Norman & Alison MacKay

Planting a church in Govan, Scotland

Norman & Alison MacKay

As Norman Mackay’s childhood neighborhood descended into poverty and blight, God drew him out of a troubled youth and back home to start a church. Govan Free Church, a plant of the Free Church of Scotland, has a thriving Sunday worship and series of Bible Studies. They were able to acquire their own building just over a year ago.

Pray for the outreach of the church to the neighborhood and for continuing curiosity in the hearts of the lost. Also, praise God for Norman and Alison’s 30th wedding anniversary, earlier this summer.

Read more about the work in Govan in The Immeasurable Riches of His Grace in Kindness from Tenth Press in May 2016.

Image at Top: Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. A cluster of crocuses in Elder Park, also littered with used needles. In the background, the only major business remaining in this formerly-industrial community.  Norman and Allison MacKay minister in this neighborhood, based out of a community center just a few blocks east. Their newly-acquired church building is a block west.
Below: Norman (left) with Kate and Terry McCutcheon.  Terry is the director of Hope for Glasgow, a structured, professional, Christian drug and alcohol recovery program for men, many of whom are from Govan. 

Norman and Alison Mackay are church planters with the Free Church of Scotland, a Scottish Presbyterian denomination with over 100 congregations. Founded in 1843 and led by Doctor Thomas Chalmers the Free Church of Scotland is known for its strong defense of orthodox theology, its adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith, and until recently was exclusively psalm singing. The denomination has spearheaded church planting in Scotland and has a first-class theological seminary in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.    

 Both Norman and Alison studied at theological college and at Scottish universities.  Alison teaches in high school.  They have 2 sons Nathan (21) who studies philosophy at Glasgow University and Peter (19) who is studying at the Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, USA. 

In 2013 Rev Mackay was commissioned by the Free Church of Scotland to plant a church in the Govan area of Glasgow, Scotland.  Govan is an area of repeated multiple deprivation, and suffers from a culture of drug abuse, crime, high levels of violence and several generations of unemployment.  The Mackays moved into this work without any financial support, resources or personnel. After 6 years of labor there is today a flourishing indigenous church with multiple ministries serving the local Govan community.   

Today the Mackay family are church planting in the Govan area of Glasgow, Scotland, after being commissioned to do so at the Free Church of Scotland General Assembly in 2013.

Read more about the work in Govan in The Immeasurable Riches of His Grace in Kindness from Tenth Press in May 2016.