Musical Opportunities

Musical Engagements


Soloists, both vocal and instrumental, provide prelude and offertory music at services where choirs are not singing. In addition, soloists often provide the evening prelude, entitled Soli Deo Gloria, which begins at 6:15 pm and is an offering of sacred and/or classical music to bring glory to God, to encourage His people, and to help foster a spirit of worship prior to the service. Soloists are Christian musicians from inside or outside the congregation who have outstanding musical ability and who are engaged by the Music Director.


Choristers are especially skilled singers who are employed as section leaders in the Tenth Church Choir. While the choir is about 85% volunteer, we engage expert Christian singers to assist in leading the group and to help less confident singers maximize their choral potential. Choristers are engaged by audition with the Music Director. They must be excellent sightreaders, attend regular and special rehearsals, learn their music quickly, function as soloists when asked, and evidence a testimony of faith in Christ. Normally these will be singers with graduate degrees or current undergraduate or graduate music majors. Choristers are expected to sing with the Women’s Chorus or Men’s Choir when those ensembles participate in worship. There are relatively few positions or openings at any time, but interested persons may send Colin Howland a resumé via email. Tenth Church has retained choristers since at least 1857.