Help with Older Parents

The responsibilities of being an adult child of an aging parent can be overwhelming. Determining how best to meet the needs of an aging parent involves the consideration of many complex issues relating to finance, insurance, legal, medical, psychological, cultural, ethnic, religious beliefs and practices, and more. Aging Parents: The Family Survival Guide can help.


Effective ministry is relational by nature and grows over time. People seek to enfold and engage people with disabilities and their families into the life of their churches. But, how? Check out this “Inclusion Booklet.” 

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Terminally Ill: One powerful testimony

Rachel’s story is not unlike what thousands of women around the world have experienced. A diagnosis that changes a woman’s life and inevitably takes from her what we consider to be most precious. After four and a half years of vigilantly fighting breast cancer, the 37 year old wife and mother of two was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But for Rachel the essence of life is found in her relationship with God through Jesus. And that’s why Rachel is convinced that death is not dying

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Nursing Home Ministry

We want to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in nursing homes, and to provide support and encouragement by regular visits. A ministry manual helps us do that.