SMI Philadelphia

Church Partners

Ways to Help

There are many ways area churches can get involved in and support SMI Philadelphia.

  • Pray for SMI before, during, and after our three weeks in North Philly.
  • Supply a dinner for the SMI team (either cooking at home and bringing to where the SMI team will be staying or cooking at the SMI house with SMI-purchased food).
  • Provide community credibility to the SMI project by participating/partnering with SMI; follow up with contacts made during SMI after the team has left.
  • Open your home to out-of-town faculty (Christian healthcare professionals who join the SMI team for part or all of the three weeks to provide leadership and mentoring to the students). This would include providing breakfast for faculty, but the SMI team would provide lunch and dinner.
  • Loan a 12 or 15 passenger van for one or all three weeks of SMI.

SMI Philly also has a “need list” of paper products, outreach supplies, and food that we will use during the three weeks of SMI. Please email Holly Favino if you are interested in donating any of these items.

If you are interested in promoting SMI, we would be happy to send you pre-formatted electronic versions of a bulletin announcement, a brief article, and a bulletin insert that describe SMI. Email Holly Favino for more details.