SMI Philadelphia



Please email Holly Favino if you would like to apply or have any questions. Holly will email you the application forms.  

The student support for participating in the SMI is $1200, which is tax deductible for donors who itemize deductions. Many students choose to raise support to cover this cost. If you choose to support raise, we can provide sample letters, forms and guidelines to help you, and will provide support and information throughout the process.

Accepted Students will receive an acceptance letter.  When accepted, please return a copy of this letter along with the required release forms either by email to Holly Favino or by the US Postal Service to:

Attention: Holly Favino
1701 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Waitlist Students: We will notify you if a spot becomes available for you to attend SMI Philly. You are under no obligation to attend.


We are seeking volunteer faculty members to work alongside the students.  Faculty will primarily provide mentorship and lead by example, though you might also have the opportunity to speak or teach on relevant subjects.  In order to serve as faculty, we are asking that you have:

  • A strong testimony of the person and work of Jesus Christ in your own life.
  • A strong relationship with your local body of believers.
  • A background as a healthcare professional or have worked in ministry alongside healthcare professionals in the past.
  • A heart for imparting wisdom to the next generation of healthcare professionals.
  • A heart for the urban poor, especially those within the city of Philadelphia.

During SMI, faculty will join students in daily outreach (door-to-door and other community health screening events) for meals and for Bible study and mentorship.  Potential faculty who indicate an interest in sharing in a more formal setting (i.e. seminar/lecture/talk on various topics) may be asked to speak in the evening or during orientation or debriefing sessions.

If you are interested and feel your gifts would benefit SMI Philly, we invite you to apply.