Summer Missions

Trips & Important Dates

Spruce Hill Camp

Dates: June 16-28
Extra Training date: June 15
Goal: $800
Grades 9+

Partner: The City School, Spruce Hill Campus
The City School is a Christian school in the city that seeks to be a light to the city, and to reach children one at a time. The teachers are Christians dedicated to serve Christ through quality and Christ-centered education. The school community spans three campuses: 2 elementary and 1 middle/high school. The camp is now in its 12th year and hosts both children from and not from The City School. Adriana Melendez is the elementary Spanish teacher for both campuses and serves as a Maranatha leader and Asst. Director of the camp. 

The Work: Maranatha will run a large 2-week day camp for children ages 6-14. Team members will be expected to work long days, planning together in the evenings, prepare and teach classes, Bible classes, care for children, organize activities, and seek the unity of the team. The goal of this camp is to serve families in the area with a fun, affordable, Christ-centered place during the work day. Those who apply for this camp will be expected to love children, be committed to learning and preparing to teach the Bible to small groups of children, and to be flexible and readily prepared to do whatever is asked of them to serve the camp and team members. The money raised by team members will go towards field trips, bus rentals, and supplies for activities and classes.

For more information on our partner: The City School


Dates: July 13-20
Goal: $600
Grades 6+

The Partners: Five Loaves Farm, Jericho Road, Queen City Farm
Five Loaves Farm is an urban farm run by one of the pastors at Buffalo Vineyard Church. The farm’s gardens provide healthy produce that is distributed to local schools, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. The farm provides a not just a source of healthy produce to an area of Buffalo’s West Side, but also provides work opportunities for the neighborhood youth through internships. Jericho Road is a ministry that provides for low-income community members and refugees. They serve refugees by administering and addressing healthcare needs, as well as helping refugees get acclimated to living in both Buffalo and the United States; this includes ESL classes, classes on economic self-sufficiency (i.e. how to open bank accounts, do taxes, and more). Queen City Farm is similar to 5 Loaves Farm. Queen City Farm serves the East Side of Buffalo.   

The Work: This week long trip is designed for the team to experience a variety of ministries in the Buffalo area. These ministries vary from urban farms to refugee ministries. They will work in two urban farms that provide food to areas considered Food Deserts as well as have an opportunity to work with a ministry that helps refugees to get them acclimated to life in the United States. In the evenings, the team will hear testimonies of refugee families who are a part of the larger Church community and learn how Jesus has blessed them and worked in their lives. Those that apply should be prepared for hard, outdoor work, as well as serving alongside other team members, and bringing a positive, hospitable, flexible attitude. The money raised for this trip goes towards van rentals, food, and gifts to our partners.

For more information on our partners:

Northeast Community Church

Extra Training: July 21
Dates: July 21-Aug 2
Goal: $650
Grades 6+

The Partner: Northeast Community Church is a church plant of Tenth. They serve a diverse community by holding services in Arabic, English, Mandarin, ….? They hold weekly ESL classes, along with…

The Work: Maranatha, along with teens from the church, run a 2 week intensive day camp for children ages 3-14. The camp is meant to share the good news of Jesus with children, encourage those who know the Lord, bless the neighborhood community, and encourage the church in their year-round ministry. This camp is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging in
every way: long days, loving and teaching children, working together all day with the team, and facing seen and unseen obstacles to doing the work. One big blessing has been having former campers serve as counselors alongside our team. The other great part about this team is that it is a chance to test out different abilities or interests. Susana, along with other leaders, will support the team members in finding the right fit for serving on this team!

For more information about our partner:

Application due by March 3

Dates/Training details

March 3 Applications Due
March 24 Teams Announced (5-6:30pm at Maranatha)
April 7 All Day Training (visit another church with your team, plan in the afternoon and be back
at Tenth for Maranatha).
April 14 35 letters OR communication with home church must be completed
April 21 Easter Pancake Breakfast fundraiser (6-9:30am)
May 18 All Day Training
May 27/Memorial Day: Goal is to have 3/4 of Fundraising completed-parents can contribute up to 50% of total
June 15 All Day Training for Spruce Hill, AT SPRUCE HILL CAMPUS
June 16-28 Spruce Hill Camp
July 13-20 Buffalo
July 21 all day training for Northeast Team ONSITE
July 21-Aug 2 Northeast Camp
Aug 11 Missions Wrap Up day