Support Letter Guidelines

Example Support Letter

ST trip support letters should be personal, from you to your friends and family. The basic outline of what to include, as recommended by the ST Trips committee, is below. If you are visiting a “sensitive” country, do not mention names of people in the country or other information that may compromise GO workers. Support letters should not exceed one page.

  1. Describe the trip you will be going on. This will include:
    1. When the trip will take place
    2. Where you will go, including the cities and ministries you will visit.
    3. Describe what you will be doing, and what you hope to accomplish
    4. Information your readers may find interesting, such as the situation in the country for Christians and GO visitors, country history and support that Tenth provides to institutions or long-term GO partners in the country.
  2. Request prayer. This could include prayer for:
    1. Planning and preparation for the trip
    2. Safe travel to and from the trip location, and in-country travel
    3. Our partners and projects in the country
    4. Opportunities to share your faith
    5. Discernment and sensitivity in relationships with the people you meet
  3. Request financial/material support. You could mention:
    1. Your travel and lodging
    2. Supplies or materials to be taken which supporters may wish to donate or provide funding to purchase. Check with your team leader on what items can be donated.
    3. Shipping and/or overweight luggage charges for supplies
    4. Gifts for and meals with in-country partners
    5. In-country purchases for projects
    6. The deadlines for raising 50% and 100% of needed funds (see timeline for dates)

Include the following statement in your letter:

“Please make checks payable to Tenth Presbyterian Church with ‘[destination] Trip’ on the memo line. Checks should be sent to me at [your home address]. Please do not include my name on the check. If more funds are received than are needed for the expenses of the team, they will be used to fund projects related to the ministries partnered with during the short-term trip.

It is recommended that you have someone proof your letter for grammatical correctness and clarity. In addition, the Team Leader must review all letters prior to mailing.

See the Financial Procedures document for handling of checks.

Other Recommended Supporter Communication

  • Send an email or letter thanking your supporter upon receipt of a donation.
  • Shortly after the trip send all your prayer and financial supporters a letter reporting on the trip.
  • Invite your supporters to attend the GO luncheon where your team will report on your trip.