Can I do a gofundme?

Some have tried, none have succeeded in this working out (yet)

Who should I email vs. mail?

Consider each person you are writing to. Do they use snail mail or email? Are they likely to
contribute via a check or online giving? Send letter/email accordingly.

What if I don’t have 3/4 by Memorial Day?

This is when we encourage a few options:
Parents can contribute up to 50% of your total, and you can write more letters/take on other jobs.

What if I get close but don’t raise all my money?

This is not a mark against you if you have done your part! We pool resources and share them between everyone. Do not worry if yours is less or more than the total, but consider each gift from God since it’s his ministry and his money to bring in and distribute. He always provides with many generous donors.

April 14 35 letters OR communication with home church must be completed

May 27/Memorial Day: Goal is to have 3/4 of Fundraising completed-parents can contribute up to 50% of total