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E & T

By / May 22

Pray for safety in their neighborhood and country.

Praise God for their recent completion of the New Testament.

Pray for their current work on translating the Old Testament and for their family as it grows.


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F grew up in a Christian family in the Middle East. F and his wife, N, developed a strong desire to take the gospel to the Arab world. After a short-term trip, N became a long-term worker in England and then to the Middle East. F was particularly burdened for the Arabs in countries with very limited access to the gospel after his first business trip to the area. During his visits, the religious police gave him a very hard time because he was a Christian. In 1992, F joined a media ministry where he met N. After their marriage, F and N started a media center for their organization in the Middle East.

Since most of the Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa are closed to the gospel, various media are the best means of reaching Muslims in these countries. Media ministries, including books, magazines, radio, television, the internet, social media and new technology, have been pivotal in the unprecedented breakthroughs in Muslim evangelization during the last two decades.

N works as a graphic artist and F works in organization leadership and is an organization area leader for that part of the world. Together they assist in the production of several programs that introduce Arabs to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

G & G

By / May 22

Pray for energy and wisdom in leadership as G&G send out new teams.

Pray for wisdom in balancing the needs of aging parents and their continued ministry.


By / May 22

BoonChu serves by preaching and teaching at various churches in hundreds of villages throughout South East Asia, training and equipping Christian leaders, providing counseling, and operating a mission school. Additionally, BoonChu remains busy in his involvement with hundreds of villages in South East Asia.

Pray for BoonChu as he travels through South East Asia on roads which are frequently washed out or dangerous. 


By / May 22

C&K have been serving in Asia for over a decade. They continue to serve faithfully despite drastic changes to their vision. They strive to establish healthy and encouraging discipleship relationships with the people around them.

Pray that their work would be sustained despite security challenges.

Pray that God would provide wisdom as they evaluate schooling options for their children.

Pray for courage, comfort, and wisdom as they continue in the ministry to which they have been called, despite many friends being called home. Pray that their children would find the support and friendships they need.