Network & Systems Administrator


Cairn University Technology Services Department is inviting qualified individuals to apply for the position of Network and Systems Administrator. The position reports to the Director of Technology Services. The Technology Services department provides a smooth workflow to every department at Cairn, and ensures a streamlined learning experience for each and every student, on and off campus. The responsibility of this department is to stay up-to-date on rapidly changing technology as well as to keep current technology up and running safely and smoothly. The Network and Systems Administrators has a hands-on role in managing and supporting hardware and software to ensure compliance with enterprise objectives and protocols. Responsibilities: ● Maintains and supports computer hardware and software throughout the University; servers, workstations, monitors, printers, multifunction systems, network switches, routers, wireless network components, building access equipment, and ancillary devices. ● Takes a lead role in maintaining and upgrading the University infrastructure. Including On-Prem Exchange, On-Prem Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online. ● Provides leadership and technical expertise as a resource for planning and development of University solutions. ● Collaborates to ensure the effective use of system resources; workstations, software applications, web-based applications, and network controls. ● Contributes to multiple aspects of network administration; network and firewall security, server strategies, implementation of new applications, system upgrades, monitoring network traffic, enforcing compliance with anti-virus policies and system patches. ● Responds as necessary to facilitate effective communication between the University and vendors for resolution of computer-related issues. ● Contributes to the effective maintenance of departmental records, licensing, equipment inventory, policies and procedures, and infrastructure design. ● Researches and recommends new products and technology that will promote the efficient use of University systems and technology. ● Maintains a familiarity with all academic and administrative systems to assist as needed in the absence of Technology Services personnel. ● Instructs students, faculty and staff in the use of technology for institutional computing and assures adherence to established policies. ● Shall be on call 24/7; responding to urgent support needs as determined by the Director of Technology Services. Requirements: • A bachelor’s degree in computer-related science or commensurate experience is required. • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in computer technology directly related to responsibilities specified. • Knowledge of Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and Internet architecture. Certifications are preferred but not required. • Hands-on experience in computer technology, including extensive knowledge of networking infrastructure, web architecture, system integration, and enterprise hardware software . • The position requires logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical personnel, while working effectively in a fast-paced, multitasking team-based environment. Cairn is a conservative, evangelical, non-denominational institution and all faculty have a ministry component to their work at the University that requires them to profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ and be able to articulate and integrate Biblical truth within the curriculum. Applicants must be in agreement with the University’s mission, vision, statement of faith, and community life covenant, and must provide a Personal Testimony of salvation as part of the application process. To apply, please complete the online Employment Application. You may upload and submit your resume/CV and cover letter and unofficial transcripts with the application to:


Nancy Rivera
phone: 215-702-4211