Looking for guy roommates

Hi! My name is Martin DeBerardinis- I am planning to move to the Philadelphia area in 2 weeks (by February 27th) to start a new job. I’m looking for quality people who are brothers in Jesus for roommate(s)! The living situation is my most pressing need. Also looking for community, a church, and friendships. I’m single and transitioning from Pediatrician to a medical sales job. I will be on the road daily so I need to live somewhere that is convenient to get in and out of the city every day! I’m open to living in the city or outside it. My territory for sales is “greater Philadelphia” including a 2 hour radius around the city. Please let me know if you can help with my living situation! Thank You!


Martin DeBerardinis
email: martindeberardinis@gmail.com
phone: 3028972673