Hello! My housing for this fall recently fell through, so I wanted to post & ask if anyone knows of someone seeking a housemate in West Philly. (I’m potentially open to Center City/areas near Center City as well). My lease ends on August 31, so ideally a place that is open before then…but I do have temporary housing lined up for September so I am open to a later start date. I’m pretty allergic to cats, so a house with cats would not be a good fit–but I’m very happy to live with dogs or other pets. I’m a vaccinated non-smoker who tends to be pretty quiet. I try to be an excellent communicator & use conflict-resolution skills to address anything that comes up (& I tend to get along with people pretty well). I’m tidy & do my dishes & am happy to chip in on household chores. I’m planning on working at a Montessori school with lots of young children…so I might not be the best housemate for someone who is very high risk. I’d ideally like to pay no more than $750/month.


Hanna Kahler
email: hannalkahler@gmail.com
phone: 5853653617