2 Women Seeking Housing in West Philly for $1400/month

Hello! We are 2 tidy, responsible people looking for housing in West Philly. Ideally, we would like a 2-bedroom apartment available in September for under $1400/month. We’d love a place close to mass transit (& in an ideal world would adore a nice kitchen, wood floors & a semi-private outdoor space). One of us already lives in West Philly & works at a Montessori school in Center City. The other is excited to relocate to Philly from DC. We are both quite allergic to cats & are vaccinated non-smokers. We are clean, quiet & excellent communicators with solid credit scores & a history of paying rent on time. We are really the ideal tenants 🙂


Hanna Kahler
email: hannalkahler@gmail.com
phone: 5853653617