Preparation for Marriage


God’s Design

Creation & Re-creation (Genesis 1 & 2) – the contract and covenant of marriage (reclaimed) 
“Leaving & Cleaving” (Genesis 1 & 2) – this classic triad summary used in Genesis 2:24 will outline these two classes. 
“One Flesh” (Genesis 2 & 3) – more than just procreation, intimacy is the goal.

Bringing Into Marriage

Love & Purity – we demand it in water, but do we espouse it in our lives? 
Expectations – negative baggage…or positive new discoveries? 
Family of Origin – in-laws, out-laws and others… the “porch view” of your new home

Skill Set

Communication – what is your focus?
Forgiveness Management – conflict is guaranteed…is forgiveness as well?


Finances, Part 1 – more than a budget (though we will talk about that as well!)
Finances, Part 2